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3rd. Alarm fire on River Street at 4th. Avenue. Companies where at another fire on Wayne Avenue when this box was transmitted.(Mike McLean)

Engine Co. 3 operating at River Street.(Mike McLean)

Ladder Co. 3 working at 3rd Alarm on 12th Avenue.(M.Pelta)

Tour 4 working at a 3rd. Alarm on Union Avenue(M.Pelta)

Early action on Wayne Avenue.(M.Pelta)

Wayne Avenue fire advanced to a 3rd. Alarm.(M.Pelta)

Companies working to find a child missing at this job on E.18th Street.(M.Pelta)

Companies working streams from outside on this 4th. alarm.(M.Pelta)

Ladder Co. 2 operating at a 3rd. Alarm.

Engine Co. 5 operating on 9/11 at the World Trade Center - NY.(J.Bradley)

Companies operating at a 4th.Alarm on the corner of 12th Avenue.(M.Pelta)

5th. Alarm abandon Brewery on Governor St. (B.Tompkins)

Engine Co. 5 working at Hamilton Avenue. (B.Tompkins)

Hamilton Avenue 3rd. Alarm.(B.Tompkins)